Baseball and Softball are two of the most popular sports around the globe, being played by more than 65 million people. Ranked as high as the n°1 sport in many countries in Asia and the Americas, baseball/softball has earned its status as an universal sport on the world stage, lately being re-established in the program of Olympic Games for Tokyo 2020.

In Europe Baseball and Softball is organized in more than 40 countries. International competition such as the European Championships and European Cups have been running for a long time and every year the top European nations participate in World Cups from the U-12 age category up to the men’s professional level.

The game of Baseball and Softball is technically well organized in many European countries and lots of games take place every year on various parts of the continent. Unfortunately our sports still are way behind other sports in regards of Fan attention, media – and especially TV – coverage but everybody agrees on the fact that there is a great potential for baseball/softball to grow in Europe. European teams and athletes have by the way shown that they’re able to be competitive at the world stage, either in professional leagues or in international competitions.

There are a lot of opportunities to make the game also in Europe stronger, better, more marketable and interesting. With baseball/softball just voted back to the Olympic programme, it is the perfect timing for the European Confederation to get stronger than it is, work more in the field of marketing and communication, gather media attention and work out long term development strategies to show the world that Europe is a baseball and softball continent as well.

On February 4th, 2017, the executive Board of CEB and ESF will be elected and the new boards shall lead Europe to a brighter future.

Didier Seminet, President of the French Baseball and Softball Federation and President of the Francophone baseball & softball Association is candidate for the position of CEB president, together with a group of people from various federations that support his view and vision for the better of Europe.

On the ESF side Gabriel Waage from Czech Republic is the only candidate for presidency thus already stands as the new leadership of european softball.

Didier`s vision includes also to follow the example of the world governing body WBSC, the identity that brought Baseball and Softball back into the Olympics, and bring Europan Softball- together with the ESF leadership – and European Baseball closer together – a very logic and obvious step considering that the majority of the member federations are combined ones anyhow.

Another major topic in the vision of Didier is the further improvement of the European competitions and events – make them more attractive for the public, media and consequently also for possible partners and sponsors.

The further development of all the nations in Europe is another goal of Didier and his group of candidates and he was able to find also some partners they are willing to support and invest in his vision and growth.

To be continued…

About Didier SEMINET


Didier SEMINET has been dedicating his life to the development of Baseball and Softball.

First as a player, trying to help his club win championships and grow the popularity of the game in his native area of Paris/Seine-et-Marne.

Then as a coach, successfully leading the Templiers de Sénart ballclub to a victory at the Challenge de France de Baseball against the undefeated champion Rouen Baseball 76 and to multiple great performances at both the French and the European Club level.

Finally, as a chairman of baseball/softball organizations, from the grassroots level all the way up to the international stage, being elected as President of the French Baseball & Softball Federation in 2010 (re-elected in 2013) and establishing the Francophone Baseball & Softball Association in 2014, an 18 National Federations non-profit organization aiming at developing baseball and softball in the Francophone countries.

A great family man, Didier SEMINET is a successful businessman leading a company that is specialized in safety coordination.