European baseball needs strong events


Competition is at the heart of CEB and National Federations everyday work.

An European cup is to any club player what an European Championship is to any national team player: the reason why he is training for, the titles he wants to win, the memory that will last from it.

It’s also what fans are waiting for: an opportunity to root for their favorite team or nation and share their passion with friends and family.

Having the opportunity to watch it through video recording and TV or web-broadcasting is more than important, but you first need interesting events to attract fans, media and sponsors.

What European Baseball needs is competitions that offer great, competitive games with intensity and uncertainty. We believe that some changes to the actual format of both CEB clubs and national teams competitions are needed in order to rise the interest of players, fans, media and sponsors.

That’s what a Premier 6 could bring for instance. Imagine a tournament that gathers both the Top 6 nations of Baseball and Softball for an unique event once every two year, when the European Championship is not being played. 2 disciplines, the 12 best teams of Europe, only 1 location, an event that would offer a great sporting show to both baseball & softball fans and strengthen the ties between our two sporting disciplines.

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