European baseball needs to be seen


9 European citizens out of 10 don’t know that baseball/softball is played on the Old Continent. Sometimes they don’t even think about its very much existence. As a matter of fact, you need to be seen to exist in people’s mind, as well as in business partner’s ones.

Video recording of, if not all, at least major CEB competitions is vital to the promotion of the game in Europe. It does not only help players live their passion and follow their national teams and favorite clubs. It also creates financial revenues that can not only compensate production costs but even generate income.

It has been so far nearly impossible for baseball fans to see their favorite team or nation playing, and when possible only with limited access – mostly regional.

A TV production can be cost intensive depending on which station is transmitting the program but there are many options to make European Baseball more visible for fans, media, sponsors and the public in general. Modern techniques allow for high end online production at reasonable budgets.

This issue is important to not only give the teams and our beloved game visibility but also to attract possible sponsors in the future to reach a bigger audience, Europe wide and even more.


One thought on “European baseball needs to be seen

  1. I admit it’s the path to take. For example, in Germany you can watch Snooker, Darts, (Indoor) Fussball on TV only because Beer Companies are aloud to put their commercials on TV. Streaming Baseball on our computers will be the beginning. We mustn’t look for profits but for bigger audience. This is how it works for the DEL (German Ice Hockey League). So yes, having the politics on our side is important to ease the fundings in a stronger CEB and ESF.


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