Development: the key of European Baseball & Softball’s future


Development is key to any company’s life expectancy. Everyone knows that. It doesn’t get any different when talking about non-profit organizations.

If you don’t work on growing your numbers and skills then nothing positive will comes out. You just can’t count on things to happen.

This is something the Francophone Baseball & Softball Association that I preside over also has understood. Less than two years after its birth AFBS already has provided some countries such as Tunisia with umpiring clinics and has just been granted 53,000€ by the European Union to train umpires in European Francophone Countries. Two beginners’ clinics are already set – February in Bulgaria, March in Lithuania – and more are to come. For any information, please send an e-mail at

AFBS is also working on an U12 baseball tournament in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, during the 2017 Francophone Games, looking at any funding opportunities to help kids leaving the dream. That’s what the French Baseball & Softball Federation did in 2015. With a silver medal at the 2014 U12 European Baseball Championship, France qualified for the 2015 U12 Baseball World Cup in Taïwan. Shall we say no to these kids because we didn’t have enough money ? We did what was needed and collected the 10,000€ we were missing through a crowd-funding project. Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.

Under Didier Seminet’s leadership the French Baseball & Softball Federation experienced a constant growth, rising from less than 9,000 members to 12,675 by the end of 2016, also generating more than 250,000€ of positive financial outcome.


The vast majority of National Federations in Europe is in need for support and leadership for the future growth. This is a major topic CEB, as well as ESF of course, needs to take care of.

It is time to move in the direction to improve Baseball Europe together with various partners in politics, international stakeholders and professional companies. CEB needs to become a supportive regional leader for its members with way more duties than just organize some tournaments every year, which are so far even mainly economical unbalanced, and also just administrate the confederation. It is time for more for Europe.

With combined forces, involving everyone that is really willing to help to improve our sports in Europe, and with leaving behind personal interest and targets there is a big potential, which we finally need to use or we will further loos opportunities.

More to come about how CEB can grow its income.

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